Text Banking: Quick, Easy, and Convenient!

Monday, 29 July 2013

With text banking and alerts from First National Bank, you can check your balance and manage your finances from anywhere!

Bank on the Go

Text messaging is a fast and easy way to access account information from virtually anywhere. There is no need to log into any website and you don’t have to remember a username or a password. With nearly half of mobile phone users accessing their bank accounts from their phone, mobile banking will continuously evolve to create a safe and efficient way for people to manage their money on the go.

Account Balance

With a simple text, you are able to view any of your account balances. If the balance in your checking account is low, you can make an instantaneous transfer from savings to help avoid an overdraft.


Through simple and secure technology, users are able to access account information fast and can keep tabs on each account through one text. Having all this information at your fingertips reduces the chances of fraud. In addition, account nicknames are set up for your protection for each account when you enroll in text banking.

Monitoring Transactions

Another great benefit of text banking is that it allows you to monitor transactions and your account balance regularly. If you find a discrepancy or unauthorized transaction, you are able to notify your financial institution quickly. By having fast and easy access, users are more connected to the activity in their account. For example, you can see when the check you deposited yesterday has been credited to your account or if your purchase from last night has cleared your account. 

Manage Your Finances

Managing account balances is one way to ensure financial health. By instantaneously knowing the balance in your checking account, text banking can help you stick to your budget and help to avoid overdrafts to your account. Text messages can also be set up to alert you of your balance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and can alert you when your balance falls below a designated amount.

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Although text banking through First National Bank is free, consumers should check with their cell phone provider about their plan to see if there is a charge for text messaging.

Last updated ( Wednesday, 04 December 2013 )

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